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Providing sophisticated lodging facilities and stimulating experiences that give a traveller the touch and feel of the local surroundings is what Itmenaan Lodges are all about. We offer lodging facilities with an acute sensitivity for the area’s environment, animal habitat, people and culture. Our lodges may be located in whatever cultural or geographical setting, however, each lodge is essentially marked by its DISTINCT PERSONALITY, LOW IMPACT TOURISM, ABSENCE OF OVERWHELMING GADGETRY, UNIQUENESS OF EXPERIENCE, GREAT FOOD and DISCREET SERVICE.

Itmenaan Estate,
Kumaon Himalayas

A 10-acre estate in peaceful rural setting in the Kumaon Himalayas. The estate offers panoramic views of the lush green terraced fields and Himalaya peaks including the majestic Nanda Devi.
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Punjabiyat Lodge,
Near Amritsar

Set amidst vast blooming green fields in the agricultural heartland of Punjab, the lodge offers travelers an opportunity to experience life on a live farm ensconced within the rustic smell of the countryside.
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Fredy's Bungalow,

A sprawling colonial bungalow located minutes away from Bhimtal Lake on a peaceful, secluded hill. It is also a museum of butterflies, arguably the largest private collection of its kind in India.
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Itmenaan Himalayan Walks
and Treks

Explore the stunningly beautiful Himalayan region on foot. Accompanied by our Walk Guides and Support Staff, walk or trek between remote villages set amidst terraced fields with mesmerising views.
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Simply Excellent!!!
If you are looking for a place to take you away from the crazy daily city life, into an amazing setup of being as close to nature with great food, drinks, lots of walking, picnics, photography, great personalized service, privacy & a very good room to retire for the night....this is the Best Place!!! :).
N Khetan, Kolkata.